Technical Editing

Is your writing too jargon-heavy or dense?

Editing Services

Developmental: $0.03 per word. Copy: $0.0175 per word.

We have experience with a broad range of industrial and scientific topics. If you are in need of a copy or developmental edit for a more technical project or work that contains necessary jargon, we can help. Your editor will contact you about any clarification they may need in order to not only polish the work, but to do so as accurately as possible. Contact us if you have questions about an edit for your specific industry.

We offer this service as a developmental edit or as a copy edit. A developmental edit will look at the overall experience of your document, including focus, continuity, reader experience, organization, and more. A copy edit is a service for when you are sure your document is in its final version; the copy edit will then polish and perfect the technical grammar, syntax, flow, and continuity of your writing.

"Thank you! You make working with an editor a pleasure, not the usual dreaded experience. You respected my work, and clarified items needing attention with encouragement, suggestions, and professionalism. "

- Oscar D.

Editing Services