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Editing Services

$0.0175 per word

We are happy to help you with your dissertation, research project, topical book, textbook, or any other academic work you need a professional set of eyes for. We edit all types of subject matter, from liberal arts to many hard sciences. Your editor will contact you about any clarification they may need in order to not only polish the work, but to do so as accurately as possible.

We offer this service as copy edit only. A copy edit is a service for when you are sure your document is in its final version; the copy edit will then polish and perfect the technical grammar, syntax, flow, and continuity of your writing.

"I feel so fortunate to have found you, and I appreciate the careful work you have done on my dissertation. My research is so important to me, and now that the writing is polished I feel more confident presenting it. "

- Edith F.

Editing Services