Manuscript Evaluation

Wondering what your project's weaknesses are?

Editing Services

$1.50 per page

A manuscript evaluation will give you a birds-eye diagnostic look at aspects such as prose style, character and plot development, point of view, pacing, organization, etc. If budget is a concern or you're concerned about the overall state of your project, you'll want a manuscript evaluation. It's perfect for deciphering why your work might or might not appeal to an agent or what might be poking holes in the reader experience. Typically a manuscript evaluation report is 5-10 pages long, but can be more or less depending on the project.

We recommend this service after you have completed a full self-edit of your first draft.

"Ok, wow. I have no idea how I didn't see all of that, but this has been humbling. This was so helpful - thank you. "

- Harold C.

Editing Services