Cookbook Editing

Are your recipes really foolproof?

Editing Services

Developmental: $0.03 per word. Copy: $0.0175 per word.

Cookbooks require special attention and a different method of editing. We’ll ensure not only that your ingredient list is complete and your measurements make sense, but we'll also look for potential reader confusion in your method to ensure they’re as foolproof as possible.

We offer this service as a developmental edit or as a copy edit. Developmental editing will look at the overall experience of your cookbook manuscript, and we’ll help you define the focus of your book, challenge you to justify development choices, and cut excess. Copy editing is a service for when you are sure your cookbook is in its final version; the copy edit will polish and perfect the technical grammar, syntax, flow, and continuity of your writing.

"I can't imagine a more effective tool to bring a book from passable to flawless. "

- Grayson L.

Editing Services